Trichlor tablets hot tub

2019-12-10 05:52

Trichlor chlorine tabs are the best grade of stabilized trichlor concentrate. Ideal for use in pool floating chemical dispenser. 2 lb bottle. NOT for Spas! , Shop for Trichlor 1 Pool Tabs 2 lb at SpaDepot. com, Sanitizers& Shock, GLB, CA1049Make sure that the products you use are designed for hot tubs, and not pools. A hot tub requires similar but different products because of the temperature difference and amount of water. Trichlor This product usually comes as tablets or sometimes as granules. It is slow dissolving which can be an advantage if you trichlor tablets hot tub

AquaFinesse Hot Tube Water Care Kit Trichlor (Tabs) However, PH& Bromine levels (we only need 2 small tablets in the basket to keep the tub water clear) stay pretty consistent. Thanks Aqua Finesse for solving this annoying skin irritation problem with Hot Tubs. Read more. 4 people found this helpful.

Nov 10, 2013 Trichlor Tablet in Skimmer of Hot Tub. Thread starter jewing; Start date Nov 3, 2013; Forums. I meant my hot tub not my pool. My pool is closed. Any concerns doing this in my hot tub. I put one of the tablets in for about 12 hours last weekend and then took it out. So not a lot dissolved but it did raise my Chlorine extremely high Unwitting hot tub owners are unaware of that by using TriChlor tablets on their hot tubs, they could invalidate warranty claims. Leading spa suppliers and water treatment specialists are expressing concern over increased sales of TriChlor tablets, mostly via the Internet, to unwitting hot tub owners who are unaware of the potentially detrimental effect on their hot tubs, especially to trichlor tablets hot tub A Better Way to Chlorinate Hot Tubs: Salt Systems. A form of chlorine, trichlor, is excellent for pool water treatment, and is usually supplied as tablets. We do not recommend this type of chlorine for spas because it has a higher acidic nature, and generally dissolves too slowly to be effective.

Certain chlorine pool tablets have a higher acidic level andor calcium content that can leave stains on hot tubs or cause excessive odors. Trichlor is a pool tablet of this nature. It should not be used in hot tubs because of its acidity and its ability to bleach the hottub finish. Calcium hypochlorite is another pool tablet that, when used trichlor tablets hot tub Feb 17, 2009 Reality is, most hot tub manufacturers will void your warranty if they can show that you've used Trichlor tablets in your spa. potpie: There are several different variations of Chlorine . Only one is really universally considered safe for use in a hot tub. Dec 22, 2014 Dichlor vs Trichlor chlorine Edit Subject. Another question would be the acceptability of using bromine tablets. Also speak with the hot tub dealer that sold you the tub. Ask for their input as well. Then you can make the decision that you are most comfortable with. Trichlor tablets can dispense too much chlorine at once, making it extremely corrosive to your hot tub equipment (pumps, seals, hot tub shell, and heater). It is extremely important to use quality chemicals to preserve your investment; your hot tub. Trichlor tablets are a form of chlorine on the market that are great for pools but NOT recommended for hot tub use. It is highly acidic and dissolves very slowly, becoming problematic when the tablets come in contact with the acrylic shell and bleach or discolor the surface.

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