Uncountable nouns ending in s

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Common Mistakes in the Use of Uncountable Nouns in English Uncountable nouns do not have plural forms and they cannot be used with numbers or the article aan by Sophie 1 year ago 2 months ago. 6. 4k views2. 5. 4K shares; Uncountable nouns ending in s, followed by aSingular nouns that end in s. 1. Some nouns ending in s are used in the singular only: a) news: The news is bad. b) some games: billiards, bowls Billiards is my favourite game. c) some proper nouns: e. g. Brussels or the United States when considered as a unit: Brussels is the capital of Belgium. uncountable nouns ending in s

32 rows  A list of common uncountable nouns beginning with S. Each uncountable noun has its

Apostrophes after the letter S. (Here, rabies is the name of a disease, so its an uncountable noun and cant have a plural form. Nonetheless, because it ends in s, it can be made possessive by putting an apostrophe at the very end of the word. ) Special note: If a noun ends in a double s instead of just one s, Uncountable nouns ending in s Some nouns ending in s are uncountable and followed by a singular verb e. g. maths, physics, genetics, aerobics, athletics, news. uncountable nouns ending in s NonCountable Nouns ending with s. NonCountable Nouns ending with an s. The fact that Noncountable nouns that end in s are sometimes singular and sometimes considered plural can cause students of English much confusion.

Nouns such as luggage, furniture and jewellery are uncountable nouns and take singular verbs. E. g. , The furniture in this house needs to be replaced. The apparatus for the next experiment has been set up. My luggage has been checked in. Uncountable nouns ending with s uncountable nouns ending in s PLURALS& COUNTABLE NOUNS UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS Plural nouns are usually formed by adding s to the singular noun. Most nouns form their plural by s (a book books, a toy two toys) By adding es to nouns ending in o. By adding s or es to nouns ending in o. By changing y into ies if a noun ends in a consonant before the y. List 2 Uncountable Nouns made Countable (Partitive) Activity Cynicism. Danger Fruit. Genius Luck. Marble Rum. Sadness Sunlight. Tea A good learners dictionary will tell you whether a noun is countable or uncountable. Quantity expressions ( a bitpiece ) To refer to one or more quantities of an uncountable noun, expressions such as a bit of, a piece of, an item of or words for containers and measures must be used: Generally, nouns are regular, i. e. nouns which are plural in nature, only given an additional s, es, or ies. However, there are a number of irregular verbs which are verbs whose plural form does not use affixes s, es, or ies, but changes in spelling, but also sometimes does not change

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