Big table mysql performance

2019-12-07 13:39

Sorry for mentioning this on a mysql performance blog. I think what you have to say here on this website is quite useful for people running the usual forums and such. I need to optimize mysql server to manage a big tables (now about 78Mb, with increment of 1Mbday) Why MySQL could be slow with large tables [ February 25, 2009 at 12MySQL optimization of huge table. MySQL and NoSQL: Help me to choose the right one. 60 million entries, select entries from a certain month. How to optimize database? Performance? 1. MySQL prcedures take too much time and the tables are very large. 0. Optimize mysql NOT IN query. Related. big table mysql performance

MySQL JOIN performance on 1 big table and multiple small tables. Ask Question 0. I'm planning to build a huge database. I already had a client before who had databases larger than 100M rows. So let's say we have a table A with 100M rows and have multiple tables with 250 rows.

I'm trying to performance tune my MySQL query, but am running into a problem that I don't understand (and so can't fix). MySQL will create a temporary table with the rows and sort them without the index. Even if there is an index on the price column, it can't be used for sorting. MYSQL where clause slow performance on big table. 2. The table has about 4 million rows and I have index on memberid. The table is growing at the rate of 1 a day. I am thinking about splitting the table into several tables, so every table contains diarycomments for limited memberid, and I can split the tables into several machines. But the downside is I can't use autoincrement anymore big table mysql performance By default, MySQL retrieves cached values for those columns from the mysql. indexstats and mysql. tablestats dictionary tables when the columns are queried, which is more efficient than retrieving statistics directly from the storage engine.

Mysql count performance on very big tables. Ask Question 32. 9. I have a table with more than 100 millions rows in Innodb. I have to know if there is more than 5000 rows where the foreign key 1. I don't need the exact number. I made some testing: big table mysql performance Mysql big tables slow queries? Ask Question 2. 1. I have some performance issues with a big table on Mysql: The table has got 38 million rows, its size is 3GB. I want to select by testing 2 columns: I tried many indexing (one index for each columns and one index with the 2 columns) but I still have slow query: like below, more than 4 The problem is clearly the WHERE clause. Indexes with a very low cardinality are useless. The reason why index on col1 doesn't improve performance is I think that MySQL ignores that index. I'm writting an application to store about rows per month (about 8 million at day) and I need to store 6 months of data. The application makes the insert and then queries for some data (the table has only 4 integer fields). Breaking the big table into two table: Historical and Current data. And on daily basis I move the records with expired date from Current table to Historical table. Keeping record in one table (the DATA field is defined as INDEXED).

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