Lady finger vegetable

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How can the answer be improved?Okra, also known as ladys fingers, is a green flowering plant. Okra belongs to the same plant family as hibiscus and cotton. lady finger vegetable

The name okra is most often used in the UK, United States and the Philippines, with a variant pronunciation in Caribbean English and Nigeria of okro. The word okra is from the Igbo kr. The plant and its seed pods are also known as lady's fingers .

34 rows  Okra nutrition facts Okra, also known as lady's finger, or bamia pod is one of the favorite Dec 31, 2018 How to select Ladies Finger, Bhindi? Lady's finger is a common vegetable, especially in India. You can get in all vegetable markets locally as well as in food malls or supermarkets. Its price is almost similar to other vegetables. Choose the fresh looking long, dark green colored ones. lady finger vegetable Apr 14, 2014 Lady finger or okra or bhindi is a green colored vegetable which belongs to mallow family. Lady finger generally cultivates in warm tropical and subtropical region. The pods of this plant is consumed which contains round shaped white edible seeds.

There are 152 lady finger vegetable suppliers, mainly located in Asia. The top supplying countries are India, China (Mainland), and Philippines, which supply 36, 27, and 9 of lady finger vegetable respectively. Lady finger vegetable products are most popular in lady finger vegetable Mar 18, 2019  OkraLadies Finger Pepper Fry vegetable Starter ( ) epi61(193 Oct 16, 2018 A lady's finger is a vegetable common in some Asian countries. It is generally longish, slim, light green in color, slightly bent, and has a tapering end. It is possible that this name was given as it resembled the finger of a woman (lady). This vegetable is called Okra in the USA. Lady Finger() Hindi Name: A green colored oblong shaped vegetable, tapering at the end with tiny seeds inside. It is also known as okra or gumbo. It is often used as an ingredient in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Lady Finger Vegetable. Add cumin seeds if desired. Fry the onions first. Add Lady Finger to the onions and mix them together. Add the seasoning as per taste. Do not cover the vegetable with a lid and cook on medium flame for 810mins. Serve Hot. Note: If Lady Finger is cooked with a lid on, The vegetable would turn soggy as it the lady finger is pretty soft in texture.

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