Uitableview enable horizontal scrolling

2020-01-29 15:12

Oct 30, 2008 Question: Q: [iPhone UITableView and horizontal scroll More Less Apple Footer This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only.I don't think you can make a UITableView scroll horizontally. My suggestion would be to use an UIScrollView. UIScrollView is a super class of UITableView and gives you the scrolling behavior you expect from a UITableView. What you don't get is the table cell management that makes UITableView so convenient. Hence, you have to manage your own content. uitableview enable horizontal scrolling

Enabling horizontal scroll in TableView (vs. ScrollView) This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. colby. white. last edited by. however it doesn't show a horizontal scroll bar (nor did I stumble across an example).

For locking or unlocking the UITableView scrolling I need to release my finger from the screen and scroll again. In this case it works. I want to make it immediately, so it locks and unlocks the scrolling while I'm swiping on the screen. Under Xcode 7 and iOS 89, I was able to add a UITableView inside a UIScrollView and have horizontal scrolling take place. You basically have the tableview be the width of its cells and the height of all of them combined, add it to a scrollview whose frame is smaller than the tableview, and make the scrollview's contentSize property the size of the tableview's frame. uitableview enable horizontal scrolling It shows how to add a horizontally scrolling UITableView to a vertically scrolling UITableView. share Browse other questions tagged iphone uitableview ios4 horizontalscrolling or ask your own question. asked. 8 years, 1 month ago. viewed. 2, 497 times How to enable horizontal scrolling. 95.

Notice that your scroll view has the same ContentSize as its Frame. It's not going to allow scrolling that way. You need to set its Frame to its actual size on screen and then set its ContentSize to the size of everything in it (which would be larger than the screen). uitableview enable horizontal scrolling 3 Answers. A better solution is to define your custom UITableViewCell which has its own UITableView but rotated in 90 degree for horizontal scrolling. UI elements inside will be created only when they need to be shown by using Please see some sample code on how to create a 90 degree rotated table view: UITableView with horizontally scrolling rows 05 Jan 2016. Introduction. One of the better solutions Ive found is the horizontally scrolling cells within the UITableView. The best example that currently comes to my mind is the Netflix app Adding the will enable us to give data to the. Horizontal UITableView. Ask Question 39. 19. There is a simple brilliant trick to get a UITableView to do both vertical and horizontal scroll perfectly. You can do it both with and without autolayout I will explain it with autolayout. Horizontal scrolling UITableView. 0. Horizontal scrolling of UITableview Jan 31, 2013 It's demo like as Mailbox UI. Basically it's UITableView with

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