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Aug 13, 2013 World of Warcraft (WoW) Forums PvE Raden Guide Raden Guide Started by Zagam, August 13, 2013. Sign in to follow this. Followers 0. 4 posts in this topic. Zagam On our first kill I got a 541 cloak for my offspec, and I coin rolled loot and got another cloak that I de'd. There's nothing more frustrating than getting 2 pieces ofWith the announcement that Patch 5. 2 might go live in as little as two weeks, we wanted to post loot tables from the new raid, Throne of Thunder! There are twelve new bosses that drop ilvl 502 gear on LFR, ilvl 522 gear on Normal, and ilvl 535 gear on Heroic difficulty. There's also a heroiconly boss, Raden, that drops ilvl 541 loot. wow ra den loot table

Raden is only available on Heroic difficulty. Raden is an Elite NPC that can be found in Throne of Thunder. The location of this NPC is unknown.

[Raden's Contemplative Loop Ring Tank [Raden's Evolving Signet Ring Spirit [Raden's Ruinous Ring Ring Strength [Raden's Summoning Band Ring Caster DPS [Raden's Swift Seal Ring Agility [Red Sky Cloudcloak Cloak Caster DPS [Robes of Contagious Time Leather chest Caster [Robes of Nova Cloth chest Caster DPS [Roots of Pain RaDen is holding his ground at 40, and he begins to channel his hatred into the Anima and Vita and corrupting them into Verderbte Anima and Verderbte Vita. By this point, the raid must always kill the Corrupted Anima and survive the increasing AOE caused by taking in the Corrupted Vita. wow ra den loot table Loot. In addition to the items in the tables below, all bosses have a chance to drop [Sigil of Power, [Sigil of Wisdom (both after patch, [Secrets of the Empire for [90 Secrets of the First Empire, the last six bosses (Durumu to Lei Shen) have a chance to drop a [Titan Runestone for [90 Echoes of the Titans, and [Heart of the Thunder King drops from Lei Shen for [90 Heart of the

RaDen items are BiS pretty much any way you look at it. There is no lesser quality versions of the same items they are exclusively that item level. When it comes to anything else, heroic is still the baseline BiS and the heroic thunderforged variants are just a bonus. wow ra den loot table This is an Uncategorized Spell. Added in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. Always up to date with the latest patch ( ). Get Wowhead Premium 1 a month or less to enjoy an adfree experience, unlock premium features, and support the site! Raden's loot table is largely boring: P No weapons or trinkets? Comment by perculia on Organized the data by LFR, Normal, and Heroic difficulty. Checking on a few Jin'rokh items ingame, but should Feb 14, 2013 I think the RaDen items are automatically Thunderforged. They are simply a single Itemlvl Step higher than other Heroic Loot, so they simply slapped Thunderforged on it. But the sheer number of items (47! ) is insane, you get around 57 items (depending of Class Spec) from RaDen alone. Raden (also known as Highkeeper Ra) is the thirteenth boss in Throne of Thunder, Ra is a Titanic watcher who is watching over Pandaria and wields power of lightning. Contents [ show

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