Table couples galvaniques

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Corrosion Control Galvanic Table Lee Erb For Electrical Connection Select materials which are indicated to be more compatible in accordance with the galvanic series. Design metal couples so that the area of the cathode is smaller (appreciably) than the area of the anodic metal. For example, bolts or screws of stainless steel forThe galvanic series (or electropotential series) determines the nobility of metals and semimetals. When two metals are submerged in an electrolyte, See the table of standard electrode potentials for more details. Galvanic series (most noble at top) The following is the table couples galvaniques

A galvanic couple is a corrosive cell that is developed when two different metals are separated by electrolytes. In essence, it is the electrochemical action that is produced by the reaction of two dissimilar metals, given there is a path conducive to electrons and electrolytes.

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